Husband Hugh A. McVean, occupation - husband was a farmer, buried ?Lake City, Missaukee Co, headstone, Cox, Hattie M. 34, b abt 1866 in MI, single, fb MI, mb Ohio, Denbendorff, Frances A. This site is to share public records regarding patients and employees of the Traverse City Asylum, State Hospital for the Insane, Northern Michigan Asylum, Traverse City Regional Psychiatric Hospital. 28, b abt 1872 in MI, married, 1 child, pb Norway. Information: 231-922-4700 Availability of Records Birth records have been filed with this office since 1856. Canada, Dell Baribean died 8/ 19/ 1901, Sayera, Rozanna (Syers) 58, b at 1842 in Fr. You can further refine your search results by using the links in the toolbar on the left side of the screen. Employment View Current Openings. To find links to collections for lower jurisdictions (such as a county or town), go to Locating Online Databases..,, and can be searched free of charge at your local family history center or the Family History Library in Salt Lake City, Utah. from... Traverse City Asylum Psychiatric Hospital, Page 19, 1900 Census, Asylum Patients, birth, death, Page 18, 1900 Census Patients Names, Ages, Birthplace, Page 5 Traverse City State Hospital, 1900 Census, Names Listed page 5, Grand Traverse County Death Record Search, GTDR, Page 4 Northern Michigan Asylum 1910 Census Patient List pg 4, Page 6 Northern Michigan Asylum 1900 patient index page 6, Page 15 1900 Northern Michigan Asylum Census Patients, Page 4 Northern Michigan Asylum 1900 Census Patients page 4. Administration: 231-922-4780 Cause TB, exhaustion, epilepsy, buried Oakwood, McLean, Flora b abt 1849 in Scotland, married, 6 children, pb Scotland, died 11/ 13/ 1903 of organic brain disease, Midland Co. Olsen, Johan (Olson) 64, b abt 1836 in Norway, male, divorced, pb Norway, died 6/ 14/ 1905 of heart disease, from Manistee, buried Ann Arbor They were closed in 1989 and vacant for a decade after. Some buildings were demolished and many fell victim to trespassers and vandals. Digital copies of the 1906-1911 birth certificates and the 1906-1968 death certificates may be found on Crowley, Orris E. (Orrie) 35, b at 1865, male, married, Fish, Candice E. 29, b at 1871 in Michigan, married, 6 children;  Family tree info, Candice Estella Bowker- Fish born Aug 1, 1871 in Hope, Midland Co, died 7/ 3/ 1942 in TC, buried Schultz, Barry Co. Mi, Randall, Alton W. 46, b abt 1854 in South Dakota, male, married, Find A Grave Alton Wayne Randall born 1853, died 7/ 21/1913 buried Ithaca, Gratiot Co., father's name George ***, Peterson, Samuel 54, b abt 1846 in Denmark, married, pb Denmark, Lotez, Charles Contact Us. A Thriving City. 57, b abt 1843 in NY, died 10/ 28/ 190 of heart disease, laborer, from Houghton Lake, at asylum 2 1/2 years, buried Oakwood Cem. Page 4 Hendrickson, Carl 39 b Finland parents born Finland GTDR 11/13/1917, b 1862, died chronic myocarditis, lived at asylum 31 yrs. Skinner, Daniel B. The State Archives holds the following birth and death records: Birth Certificates, 1906-1915 Death Certificates, 1906-1970. Johnson, Oliva J. Researching online public records in Traverse City can be an important part in understanding a family's history. Seitz, August 38, b abt 1862, married, Rebaden, Peter (Rebeden) 46, b abt 1854 in Illinois, divorced, pb France, Moran, James 43, b abt 1857, single, died 1/ 20/ 1902,  bricklayer, Aggen, Joseph (Agger) 52, b abt 1848 in Germany, married, pb Germany, Hazelton, Serena 40, b abt 1860 in Canada, single, mother b Canada, Mcvean, Mary 43, b abt 1857 in Canada, married 2 children, pb Scotland, died 7/ 1/ 1918 of pernicious anemia, from ?Missaukee Co. 32, b at 1868 in MI, widow, 5 children, father b Canada, mb MI, died 4/ 26/ 1909 of TB, father David J. Conrad, from Mason Co, buried Ludington. Hibbard, Joseph born 1844 in NY, laborer, died 11/ 13/ 1903 of intestinal obstruction, from Montmorency Co. The cupolas on the roof. 55 born abt 1845 in Canada, divorced, parents born Canada, died. I'm looking for volunteers willing to help organize the census into alphabetical order. Results are unverified and are not warranted to be free of errors or omissions. Parker, Hannah A. Pratt, Sidney 54, b at 1846 in Ohio, male, died 4/ 14/ 1901, widow, married at age 20, 1 child, farmer, mother Catherine VanPelt, father James C. Pratt, at asylum from Oct. 6, 1899 - death, cause epilepsy seizure, buried Thompsonville, Mi, Schrier, Sarah 41, b at 1859 in Canada, married in 1896, 4 children, parents b Canada Some counties may have older death records in their files. In 2002, Minervini bought all 63-acres of the property for just $1. Living at 210 1/2 N. Oak St. Genealogy Records. 25, b abt 1875 in MI, married, 1 child, pb Denmark, Pure, Annie (Prue) 41, b abt 1859 in MI, married, 1 child, pb Canada (Annie Miller) laborers wife, father John Miller, mother May Fox, died 7/ 16/ 1901, Fullington, Charles 46, b abt 1854 in MI, single, pb NY, died 9/ 22/ 1914, buried Lake Odessa, Ionia Co, Bigelow, Samuel 39, b abt 1861 in Canada, married, pb Ireland, died 7/ 24/ 1907 of heart disease, laborer from Manistee Co, buried Copemish, Manistee Co, MI, Herald, James (James Herold Jr) 22, born abt 1878 in MI, single, find-a-grave born 10/ 20/ 1878 in Hubbardston, Ionia Co, died 12/ 11/ 1958 in TC, buried Saint John the Baptist Catholic Cemetery, Hubbardston, parents James and Elizabeth, Anderson, Carl J. TC, Campbell, Melinda (Malinda) 47, b at 1853 in Indiana, married, 10 children, Collins, Mary A. Mariolek, Josephine (Maciolek) 36, b at 1864 in Poland, married, 5 children, pb Poland Michigan Statewide Online Genealogy Records. I spent some time on Google Maps and Google Earth, trying to pin down the ED for the hospital. Death Records Database. Cannon, Kate (Connon) 34, b abt 1866 in Canada, married, 5 children, pb Ireland At the State Office, death records are available from January 1919 to the present for deaths that occurred in the State of Georgia. Mi. Wife Sarah McHenry, merchant, Ganmer, Mary (Gaumer) 31, b abt 1869 in Michigan, pb New York, Mary L. Gaumer born 12/ 6/ 1868 in Petoskey, Mi. Peaslee, Hannah (Peaster) 61, b abt 1839 in New York, divorced, 3 children, Wilde, Emma 34, b abt 1866 in Michigan, married, 6 children, widow, died 5/ 21/ 1916 of smothering during epileptic convulsions, buried Charlevoix, McDougall, Margaret 36, b abt 1864 in Canada, married, Jones, Richard P. 21, b abt 1879 in Michigan, died 5/ 6/ 1909 of TB, farmer, from Montcalm Co, buried Oakwood Cem, TC, Draggoo, George 50, b abt 1850 in Indiana, married, father born England, mother b Ireland, Rosing, Ellen 39, b abt 1861 in Canada, married, 1 child, parents b Ireland, died 9/ 13/ 1915 of TB, widow, farmer, from Presque Isle, Co, buried Ann Arbor, Ostrander, Rosa 24, b abt 1876 in Canada, married, father born Germany, mother b France, Foland, A. P.  62, b abt 1838 in Michigan, married, pb Germany, Albert P. died 12/ 20/ 1901 of general paralysis, 2 children, buried Breckenridge, Gratiot Co. Olivet Cemetery Interment Records (10658) Apply Mt. Olivet Cemetery Interment Records filter Nashville Obituaries and Death Notices for 1913 (1031) Apply Nashville … Page 5 Dorf, Fannie 44 b NY parents born pb Germany GTDR 9/6/ 1936 Lacy, C. Mattie b Michigan father born Ireland mother bEngland Poapisi... From the book, Traverse City State Hospital "The man known to many as "Rock the Hermit" was born in Poland in 1846. Michigan State Asylum may refer to any number of early mental institutions in the state.Michigan became a state in 1837 and five years later accepted that the principal caring for the mentally afflicted was a state problem. Instead of treating only individual patients, the hospital will begin to treat the area itself as a patient. Building 50 is the centerpiece of the former Northern Michigan Asylum (Traverse City State Hospital). Glasgow, Elizabeth 38, born about 1863 in Canada, married, 5 children, father born Ireland, mother born Scotland, died 11/ 1/ 1929 It became almost a city in its own right with a power plant, water system, bakery, laundry, library, canteen, garage, cannery, general kitchen and greenhouse. 30, b abt 1870 in England,  single, pb England, also 1930, 1940 Buried Ann Arbor, Gill, Frank 19, b abt 1881 in MI, single, died 4/ 19/ 1901, father Maurier P., farmer, from Clarion, at asylum about 3 yrs. Co. buried Ann Ar... From the book, "Northern Michigan Asylum", 3 murders took place there. 101 Traverse City, MI 49684. There is so little information available regarding patients, often known as inmates, that I felt it was important to post, make public, the little information available, as a genealogist, researcher and briefly, an "inmate" shortly before it closed. Rock, Mary 56, b abt 1844, married, death record, born 1854, died 3/ 31/ 1901 of TB, buried Oakwood Cem, TC, Fox, Rachel 59, b abt 1841 in Ohio, widow, 6 children, farmers widow, died 4/ 1/ 1917 of arteriosclerosis, cerebral hemorrhage, 76 yrs old from Gratiot Co, buried Pompeil, MI, Oliver, John J. Visit our locations page to select the office you wish to visit. 5/ 28/ 1908, carpenter, Solomanson, Thomas 27, born abt 1873 in Michigan, single, parents b Sweden, died 6/ 1/ 1905 of exopthalmis goitn?, laborer, from Whitehall, buried Whitehall MI, Pulsipher, Charles M. 40, born abt 1860 in Michigan, married, parents born New York, buried McBride cemetery,  born 3/ 24/ 1860 in Hillsdale, Mi, 1860-1905, died 5/ 23/ 1905, Olson, Cyrus A. Ten years ago, a children's hospital in the South Orchards neighborhood of Columbus, Ohio, where half the children live in poverty, began an experiment. (Lot A. Brower) 80, b abt 1820 in NY, married, died 4/ 4/ 1904 of heart disease, 84 yrs old, buried St. Louis, musician, Anderson, Alice 35, b abt 1865 in Sweden, single, pb Sweden, died 3/ 6/ 1905. Causes of death, as stated on Grand Traverse Death Records, Organic brain disease (usually senility or dementia) 4 (1 at 36), Pernicious anemia (maybe disease related, genetic or from malnutrition, "Complications of intestine as result of peritoneal abscess due to fall from window-seat untacked", Paretic dysentery (paretic- relating to or suffering from paralysis ), Septicemia due to septic elbow (injury or wound that turned into a nasty infection). 47, b abt 1853 in Ohio, divorced, 5 children, Flum, Noah 5, b abt 1850 in Indiana, married, pb Germany, farmer, Died 12/ 30/ 1915 of complication of intestine as result of peritoneal abscess ...contributory cause, fell from window seat, from Missaukee, buried Lake City. 64, b abt 1836 in NY, married. Brown, Louisa A. Ellison, Mary E. 63 b at 1837 in New York, widow, 1 child, pb NY Davidson County Death Records 1900-1913 (6330) Apply Davidson County Death Records 1900-1913 filter Death Notices in Nashville Newspapers 1855-1907 (32535) Apply Death Notices in Nashville Newspapers 1855-1907 filter Mt. Vital Records & Elections. Canada, Godfrey, Frank 35, b at 1865 in Michigan, married 36, b abt 1864 in Norway, married 6 years, parents b Norway McAllister, Anna 41, b abt 1859 in Pennsylvania, married, 5 children, pb Germany, Irish, Jane 30, b abt 1870 in Illinois, married, 1child Buried Coleman, farmers wife, Delong, Nelson 52, born 11/ 6/ 1848 in Clinton Co,  MI, married, at asylum 1898 - 10/ 4/ 1900, lawyer, from Muskegon, buried Muskegon, Evergreen Cem, headstone, died of paretic dysentery, Morrison, Daniel W. 37, b abt 1863 in MI or Minnesota, divorced, father b Ireland, mb Germany Strom, Luella (Strow) 36, b at 1864 in MI, married, 4 children, Trude, Jabez H.  69, b at 1831 in NY, married, mother b Scotland, father b NY, from Lanston, Mi, inmate for 1 1/2 yrs, died 9/ 3/ 1901 of heart disease, buried Greenville, Additional information regarding the asylum can be found on my facebook page, "Northern Michigan Asylum History & Research.". This site is to share public records regarding patients and employees of the Traverse City Asylum, State Hospital for the Insane, Northern Michigan Asylum, Traverse City Regional Psychiatric Hospital. Hibbard, William 36, b abt 1864 in Massachusetts, single (Barto) 34, b abt 1866 in MI, single, pb MI, died 1/ 10/ 1906, male, Temple, Carrie M. 23, b abt 1877, single, 1910 Carrie May Temple, Timple 32, b abt 1878, 1920 Carrie Mae born Nova Scotia, Carrey, Cordelia 38, b abt 1862 in MI, married, Olin, George Wilbur born Ohio, married, pb NY, died 4/ 1/ 1912 of acute Bright's disease, laborer, buried Greenwood Cemetery, Petoskey, Emmet County, Mi. Transverse City, Michigan 49686 Phone: (231) 922-4907. Designed by Midwestern church architect Gordon Lloyd, this large mostly three story building was built on what is known as the "Kirkbride plan" of mental institution design for housing mental patients, which was popular in the 19th century. Commission on Aging: 231-922-4688, 400 Boardman Ave., Ste. Also, you can consider factors such as sunshine laws and court files. Canada, widow, father b Fr. How can I request a Death Certificate? Needless to say, The Traverse City State Hospital is shrouded in darkness. After putting in over $60 million, it's now a showpiece for the area. If the individual passed away in a county other than Grand Traverse County, we will need to see a copy of the death certificate. Swift, Esther A. Phone: 231-922-4760. Killbride, Thomas 37, b abt 1863 in Canada, mother b Ireland, father b Canada, Baribeam, Dell (Baribeau) 38, b at 1862 in MI, male, immigrated 1875 (which contradicts being born in Michigan), married, parents b Fr. Ingram, Orrin B. 18, b abt 1882 in MI, single. MISSISSIPPI JACKSON Mississippi State Lunatic Asylum MERIDIAN … P. Moore, Borck, Caroline Louisa Fredericka 47, born June 29,1853 in Nuremberg, Germany, married 11 children, pb Germany, died 5/ 16/ 1930, buried Trinity Lutheran Cemetery, Reed City, Osceola Co. Mccusig, Bridget (Mccuaig) 32, b abt 1868 in MI, married 2 children, pb Ireland, Nolte, Lena (Lena Notte) 56, b abt 1844 in Germany, widow, 3 children, pb Germany, died 9/ 19/ 1900, buried Oakwood Cem, TC, died of organic brain disease, Smith, Reinholdt 29, b abt 1871 in Germany, single, pb Germany, died 4/ 16/ 1907 of TB, laborer, from Muskegon, buried Whitehall, Rasmussen, Nels 59, Jan 6, 1841 in Denmark, married, fb Denmark, died 8/ 27/ 1908 of exhaustion, dysentery, senility, laborer, buried Ludington, Lakeview Cem, Harroun, Harriet G. 31, b abt 1869 in MI, single, pb NY Search results are limited to 100 records. Birth and marriage records are also available from 1856 to the present, and divorce records from 1857 to the present. Heirs may request a certified copy and they must provide date and place of death and how they are related. Search our site for more information. Carstens, Otto 28, b at 1872 in Germany, pb Germany Copies of recent death certificates can be obtained from the Michigan Office of the State Registrar and Center for Public Health. This site is to share public records regarding patients and employees of the Traverse City Asylum, State Hospital for the Insane, Northern Michigan Asylum, Traverse City Regional Psychiatric Hospital. Crawford, Joseph 27, b abt 1873 in MI, single, father b Ireland, mb Scotland, also 1910, 1930, 1940 Joseph Crawford Junior Looking for personal stories, if you want to share. By 1959 the State Hospital had a patient load of 3,500 and 900 staff that included doctors, nurses, attendants and service personnel. In 1848 a joint resolution required an annual return from the adviser of the number of insane, deaf, dumb, and blind in the state. Crosby, Charles W. I've taken inmates, p... Musgrove, Wave b MI female, 36, married, b MI can read & write Morgan, Alice b MI 38, married, 5 children, b MI can read & write N... Walter, John unknown age b Germany pb Germany Coleman, Helen 49 married 8 children b Ohio died July 10, 1911, b about 1851, cause organic b... Benison, Alphonse 54, b at 1846 in Fr. Died 6/ 13/ 1903. Dannlis, Thomas (Daurdis), Parks, Otto (Ponko) 27, b abt 1873 in Michigan, pb Germany Lee, Mary E. 48, b abt 1852 in New York, widow, pb NY, died 10 / 17/ 1913 of sarcoma of breastbone and breast, Reynolds, Rebecca L. Younger, wife of William H. Reynolds,  78, b abt 1822 in Herkimer Co. NY, married, 2 children, died May 1, 1902, housekeeper, buried Muskegon, Evergreen Cemetery, Paul, August 65, b abt 1835 in Germany, married, pb Germany, died 5/ 23/ 1911 of TB, farmer, from Posen, buried Posen, MI [Merlin] Warp Records (on behalf of Warp Records); Warp Music (Publishing), BMI - Broadcast Music Inc., CMRRA, AMRA, LatinAutor, and 5 Music … Process credit card payment AFTER receiving email response from our office. The County Clerk, located on 400 Boardman Ave in Traverse City… Accordin... You will see GTDR often. Old death records may list the cause of death. Porter, John W. 28, b abt 1872 in Michigan, married Bonnie Scheele. 40, b abt 1860 in Canada, married, 4 children, pb Ireland Endman, George N. Benison, Alphonse 54, b at 1846 in Fr. Physical Address View Map 400 Boardman Ave., Ste. Fisher, Joseph Native American, born MI, in 1930, living outside of asylum in TC, 44 yrs old, married at 33 to Sarah 33, son Clarence, all 3 Native Americans, all 3 born Michigan, Joseph is a lineman for the telephone com. Return to Top . About the Death Records Search. Alpern, Isaac 24, b abt 1876 in Mi, pb Germany Directions. Certified copies of all records are available for $10 for the first copy, and $4 for subsequent ones. Hammond, Martin 41, b at 1859 in Iowa, married, Wang, Bertha (Berthea) 40, b at 1860 in Norway, married, parents b Norway Canada This chart shows links to statewide collections. The Traverse City State Hospital of Traverse City, Michigan is a decommissioned psychiatric hospital that has been variously known as the Northern Michigan Asylum and the Traverse City Regional Psychiatric Hospital.It is the last Kirkbride Building of Michigan's original four left in the state. Death Notices Lawarence Lamie, 76, Traverse City, Reynolds-Jonkhoff Funeral Home and Cremation Services Details. Canada, died 9/ 10/ 1900, buried Oakwood, cause -paretic dementia, father Curtis born Canada, at asylum almost 2 yrs, Thomas, Dan C. 64, b abt 1836 in NY, laborer, died 7/ 22/ 1915 of heart disease, from Ionia Co, buried Remus, MI, Adams, Nettie M. (Hettie) 52, b abt 1848 in MI, married, died 5/ 8/ 1908 of heart disease and delusional insanity, farmers wife, from Edmore, MI, buried Rockford, MI, Bletch, John (Blitch) 28, b abt 1872 in Germany, single, pb Germany, also 1910, 1920 Bletch or Blatch. Family tree info: Peter Noah Flum, McCay,  Arthur 31, b abt 1869 in MI, single, pb Canada, Frees, Herendon, (Herndon) 42, b at 1858 in Ohio, married, pb Germany, died 6/3/ 1924 19th Century Mental Institutions, Insane and Lunatic Asylums ... TRAVERSE CITY Northern Asylum for the Insane at Traverse City (Mich.) aka Northern Michigan Asylum at Traverse City MINNESOTA ROCHESTER Second Minnesota Hospital for Insane ST. PETER Minnesota Hospital for Insane. Why You Want the Death Certificate of Your Ancestor . Arndt, Caroline 32, b abt 1868 in Germany, married, 2 children, pb Germany, also 1910, 1920, 1930, 1940 Turns out I didn't need to go to the trouble, since the State Hospital had an ED all to itself: 28-18. Statewide totals from the illness caused by the coronavirus are … Watson, Mary A. - death, married at 20, no children, Graham, George 42, b abt 1858 in Canada, married, parents b Ireland, died 12/ 3/ 1907, blacksmith, Terhune, Henry (Terhune) 80, born about 1820 in New York, widow, died 3/ 7/ 1901 of arteriosclerosis, buried ? Flagg, Esther Ann 56, b abt 1845 in Canada, divorced, 4 children, father b Scotland, mother born Ireland, died 2/ 9/ 1910 of septicemia and chronic TB, farmer, from Arenac Co, buried Oakwood Cem. Death Records Database Death Records Database Search. Barton, Katie 67, b abt 1833 in NY, widow, 1 child, (Kate Pickard) died 2/ 12/ 1902, father A. Pickard, mother Mary Eald, Allen, Orlando Chester 37, b abt 1863 in Canada, married, died 3/ 26/ 1937, buried Kalkaska, MI in Evergreen Cemetery in family plot, also 1910, 1920, 1930, Nylander, Maggie (Hylander) 44, b abt 1856 in Sweden, married, 6 children, pb Sweden, husband Louis Nylander, Maggie born 1856, died 11/ 27/ 1919 of pneumonia and heart disease, buried Traverse City Pictures taken of the Old Traverse City State Hospital on September 15th, 2008. Newman, Jennie 34, b abt 1866 in Russia, married, 5 children, pb Russia Join us for a Historic Tour of The Village campus, formerly the Traverse City State Hospital grounds. Aggravated Assaults in 2012: 115 Number of Births in 2012: 994 Burglaries in 2012: 304 Birth Rate per 1000 People in 2012: 12 Forcible Rapes in 2012: 66 Number of … If you are also interested in researching records, please let me know. Fees may be paid by cash, check, money order, or. Griffen, Nettie May (Gribben is correct) 30, b abt 1870 in NY, married, died 10/ 27/ 1908 of laryngeal papillomatone growth, TB, from Isabella Co, lived there 4 1/2 years, buried Perrinton? Lewis, Chauncey E. born 1844, in asylum Dec 19, 1898 - Feb 10, 1901, died at 57 of general paresis, buried Ionia?? Rutten, Joseph (Ruttan) 80, b abt 1820 in Fr. Chapman, Emma W. married, b abt 1854, housekeeper, died 12/ 2/ 1901 of paretic dementia, buried Muskegon, Davis, Clare 28, b abt 1872 in MI, single, died 1/ 15/ 1905 of acute ileo-colitis, buried Clio, MI, Ramlon, Charles (Rambow, Ramlow) 23, b abt 1877 in MI, single, pb Germany, also 1910, 1920 Ramlow, 1930, 1940. Bogert, Matin A. Directory. Traverse city state hospital patient records Continue. Vital Records & Elections - Home. County Clerk. The death records are available from 1867, 15 years after the county was founded, to the present. Huston, Jerry B. Eventually, the philosophies regarding mental health began to change, which led to the closing of the Traverse City State Hospital. Free Records for Researching Family Trees. Fax: 231-922-4794. Search Bay County information about genealogy records such birth records, death records, census records, marriage records, cemeteries, obituaries and more. Vantassel, Mary 68, b abt 1832 in Ohio, widow, mother born England Hallock, Charles 36, born abt 1864, single, died 4/ 7/ 1945 Canada, speaks French, immigrated 1880, naturalized, Johnston, Elizabeth 44, b abt 1856, 1858 in Germany, married, 2 children, pb Germany, cook, died 2/ 6/ 1915 of heart disease, born Illinois, from Missaukee Co, buried Lake City, Barr, Barta B. Veterans pension records, court records, ... so you may want to refine your search by state or city. 31, b abt 1869 in MI, married, 4 children, father b Scotland, Nybro, Cecelia (Nybrs) 54, b abt 1846 in Norway, married, 5 children, b Norway It lists the date of death. O'Brien, Mary 48, b abt 1852 in England, single, pb England, died 1/ 7/ 1903 of organic brain disease, housekeeper, from Gratiot Co, buried TC. Ellis, Orin 46, b abt 1854 in Ohio Michigan Death Records Indexes, Obituaries and Cemeteries by County. Councelman, Matilda  (Counselman) 36, b at 1864 in Germany, single, pb Germany, Morgan, Elizabeth 35, b at 1865 in Pennsylvania, single, father born New York, mother b Pennsylvania, died 2/ 17/ 1916 of TB, from Midland, buried Midland, Goodspeed, Merritt M. 61, b at 1839 in New York, widow, drayman, from Muskegon, at asylum almost 4 yrs, died 11/ 13/ 1901 of organic brain disease, buried in Muskegon, Humphreys, Susan 23, b at 1877 in Michigan, single, fb Massachusetts, mother b MI, died 10/ 27/ 1910 of hemorrhage from lungs from epileptic seizure, from Ionia, buried Oakwood Cem.

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