Just lucky fisherman Jay G. from Louisville KY. By: Capt. The best way to do it is by slow trolling the waters. Add to the excitement with rainbow and Lake Trout, muskie, Crappie, Bluegill and … NOT Capt Mike…. It isn’t uncommon to catch all or several of the above in a single day from a single stand of grass in a northern lake. Note: 6,614 acres in Kentucky, Total 25,519 acres. I don't know if the bluegill and shellcrackers will be hitting by then but you might look into that. Fly fishing for carp is awesome. Known nationwide for its ability to produce trophy smallmouth. There is crappie in Dale Hollow but they can be difficult to find/catch. But his best piece of advice for anglers new to Dale Hollow is: "You can't fish too deep." As the water temperature drops down to the fall fishing temperatures between 55 and 70 degrees its time to understand the patterns that develop and the keys that drive the bass to the shallows. Go around the point and you will come into a shollows that have cabbage weeds. Work you crawlers just above the weeds. Young walleye will feed on plankton but once they reach around 6 inches in length they will mainly be eating minnows and this will be their food of choice. Those are extreme conditions, he said, but worthy approaches when the bass are not at the normal winter depth ranges. The only thing is that you have to fish for the Dale Hollow crappie differently than you do other lakes and rivers. Fish that, then work off to your right along the islands. As you come out of the Willow Grove Marina there is a huge gravel flat straight ahead. Rainbow trout, brook trout, lake trout, bass, carp, etc. Now the fish are big and really to be caught. If you are hoping to catch walleye at Dale Hollow Lake in winter try fishing live bait, moved very slowly to spark the fishes interest. Some anglers have compared fishing for crappies like fishing for stripers (the fish of course). You tell us? For the gills and crackers try splitshot and worms in 3-6 feet of water. If you're not finding smallies in 25-foot ranges, go to 35 and so on. The grass will draw in muskies, northern pike, largemouths, smallmouths, and walleye. If you work left off the flat go to shoreline and work that area along the shore. The world record from this water, caught in 1955 (11-pounds, 15-ounces) still stands. You can troll or fish under the lights at night and you can also do bottom bouncing worm trips during the days. I hope to get there the following weekend. Mike Gerry. Anglers are going to have to try to find something to have all to themselves to string together a … Currently, fresh water species. Over time, Dale Hollow fishermen realized that different predators occupy different niches in weedy cover. Ill be fishing the Tennessee waters. Im planning my first trip to Dale Hollow Lake and I feel a little lost about where would be some of the better places to fish ? Investigate the hatch recommendations if you are interested in what do trout eat. Return to Waterbodies. Is the smallie fishing maybe a little better around some of the well known creeks or would any section be a good place to try ? Largemouth are common and Walleye numbers and quality is increasing. What kind of fish can I catch? Special Fishing Regulations for Dale Hollow Lake. Tell us what you are after? Salt water fishing? Factor in ultra-clear water in many parts of the lake – which can make pressured fish even more easily spooked – and Dale Hollow has the potential to fish really small over the next few days. Dale Hollow Lake is located on the Kentucky-Tennessee border and covers portions of Clay, Pickett, and Overton Counties in TN as well as the KY counties of Cumberland and Clinton. Dale Hollow Lake.

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