It is interesting to see how many people have the same experience or know others that do. Copyright © 2021 Leaf Group Ltd., all rights reserved. > The smell of food cooking makes me sick. The smell of food cooking makes me sick. When I was pregnant, the smell of cooking tomatoes with Italian spices was revolting. Ever since I was a kid smells would make me sick. Silverwing Well-Known Member. I had a friend who was allergic to pork. phone: 1-888-687-7663 FAQ; Login; Welcome; Members. Anecdote, but since I started eating less pork (my husband doesn't eat it) I noticed that I would get bad stomach troubles after eating pork chops, sausage, etc. I can't be in the same room when it's brewing, and have to sit across the room from people who are drinking it. Industrial vegetable oils such as corn, soybean, and canola are highly processed, which makes them inflammatory to the body. Posted on September 5, 2019 by Debbie Popp. Still Tasty: Pork Chops, All Cuts (Including Loin, Center-Cut, Rib) -- Fresh, Raw, Cooking Light: Quick and Easy Pork Recipes, USDA Food Safety and Inspection Service: Fresh Pork from Farm to Table. 5 yrs ago. If it is a chemical smell, please stop using the ovens until they are repaired or replaced. Well-cooked meat, however, was associated with fewer reactions.". That's about the only food smell that makes me feel sick. DAVE. Like when im cooking bacon or sausage just the smell of it cooking makes me want to puke... And no im not pregnant. Anyway, a pork allergy seems to be a real thing. I haven't noticed feeling ill but haven't eaten fresh pork products in years. I never really asked him the specifics of how it manifested, and truthfully I was a bit dubious, because how could you be allergic to a specific kind of meat and not the others? Do you have cats? Anyone else having this problem. And it's not psychosomatic -- she's gotten sick from green chili and soups that she'd had no idea of knowing there was pork inside. This type of spoilage bacteria will probably not make you sick if you cook the pork to an internal temperature of 145 degrees Fahrenheit -- or 160 F for ground pork. By KIM CAROLLO. I think this goes back to childhood when that smell meant breakfast or dinner was being prepared. I have not eaten meat since I was 16, I am now 50. Are you looking for ways of coping with your condition? The smell of meat cooking does not bother me. What is my daily life like living with gastroparesis? Smell of cooking food makes me feel sick! For this reason, proper handling of pork is essential. This morning I cooked breakfast, some bacon and sausage, Omg the smell damn near knocked me out!! 3 Responses. Your favorite Indian or Mexican takeout might make you nauseous now, given your extra-sensitive sense of smell during pregnancy. Ways of curing your condition? This doesn't sound like an allergy, but rather an intolerance. I just assumed what Juniperesque said, that I don't have the proper "gut stuff" to handle it. A sour or off odor is a major warning flag that pork has spoiled; another indication is a change in color, usually from pink to brown or grey. If your pork has gone bad or started to smell, the best option for you is to throw it away. Smell of cooking and thought of food makes me sick! If these symptoms are persisting, then it would definitely be worth getting them checked out by your regular primary care doctor. Stick to it and well done! Discussion in 'Pregnancy - First Trimester' started by Silverwing, Dec 21, 2010. It is possible that cured pork does not cause the same reaction in you because the curing process breaks down the protein. Apparently I'd been having "gallbladder attacks" for a long time and blaming it on my stomach. When I was pregnant Taco Bell was like that, but that was special circumstances. (What you are reacting to when you are allergic to the food is its. Many individuals experience a heightened sense of smell at different times, and this can be quite unpleasant, leading to food aversions and other symptoms such as those you are … (AFAIK, that's not well understood yet.) Seems we're in the same boat. A food intolerance makes sense to me but frankly the medical evidence on this for pork specifically seems to be rather lacking from some quick meddling searches. I can't even picture myself eating anyt… Given their age, and how you clean them, it sounds like any chemical smell would be from a part of the oven burning or melting (a gasket, wire insulation, etc.). This is definitely true for dogs as well and is why you don't see pork-based commercial dog food and the general advice to raw feeders is "try it but don't be surprised if it disagrees with them.". One time, we were walking into a restaurant and the smell of onions almost knocked me off my feet. Thoughts? (He's no longer with us.) Blessed2bemommyagain • Fri, Dec 09. ''I have a lot of Muslim friends. smell of cooking meat makes me sick. the smell of food cooking, etc makes me nauseous to the point i need to throw up. thirty five yr old female. Allergies are immune-system related and occur immediately when eating the offending food, whereas an intolerance is a digestive issue and symptoms can take a while to begin. Being allergic to pork is a real thing. Dr. Edgar Mendizabal answered 55 years experience Internal Medicine Everything is making me feel so sick last few days,. Lyme disease can make people intolerant to various kinds of meat. Kelly McCoy has been writing for lifestyle blogs and online publications since 2010, specializing in recipes and techniques for the home cook. Join 6,470 readers in helping fund MetaFilter. Yes, certain food smells are HUGE triggers and it's challenging when everyone is using their BBQ. Normally your smell perceptions diminish rapidly, as when you enter a friend's apartment. I feel the same, the smell of meat makes me feel so sick. I'd had chronic stomach issues most of my life and really didn't thinks twice about the pain. I've had to open all windows and walk around with my shirt over my nose. Kate. It causes the pork to smell horrible and taste rotten to me. Ask MetaFilter is where thousands of life's little questions are answered. I don't eat either of those things either. Are you allergic to anything else? I haven't noticed feeling ill but haven't eaten fresh pork products in years. It makes me nauseated. I don't eat pork any more but it's due to boar taint, a hormonal condition that many male pigs have. Slow cooked or cured pork is fine though. The taste will continue to be unpleasant, and it can even make you unwell. I did not know where to p0st this, so I hope this is the right category. Avoiding foul-smelling meat like the plague might be our knee-jerk reaction to the threat of foodborne illness, but the truth about spoiled meat might surprise you. It's the latter category you really need to worry about, but you often can't detect it, which means that proper food handling is still essential to keep you and your family safe. I don't eat pork any more but it's due to boar taint, a hormonal condition that many male pigs have. NO LIFE! One day my parents were cooking dear meat but the smell put me into nausea and cramps. My roommate cooked burgers and now I'm nauseous and I feel like I'm going to vomit. Are you looking for an explanation of the genetics that might have caused this? The high fat foods making me sick was something that was happening to me also. My friend gets migraines that floor her for days. Ask MetaFilter is a question and answer site that covers nearly any question on earth, where members help each other solve problems. Could be several reasons. The smell of cooked spinach makes me sick. The smell of meat cooking makes me sick is that normal? But if I eat it accidentally, which has happened a few times, I feel quite ill. My doctor suggested that I lack the intestinal flora/fauna to properly digest it. Production starts by heating the seeds to extreme temperatures which causes oxidation and makes the oils go rancid quickly. Also, now the smell of cigarette smoke and alcohol has been having the same effect. I had surgery 4 years ago, and the smell of cooking bacon makes gives me a good case of nausea. Eating pork makes me shit why Download Here Free HealthCareMagic App to Ask a Doctor All the information, content and live chat provided on the site is intended to be for informational purposes only, and not a substitute for professional or medical advice. My father admits he hasn't eaten pork in years but simply says; Just don't really like it i guess. I've been a vegan for 2 years and the smell of animals cooking makes me feel nauseous too. All posts copyright their original authors. 5 yrs ago. This gives me the D-wave everytime. Smell of pork has genetic component, says study. No idea why, I've tasted it before and wouldn't consider it disgusting exactly. How much harm can a past-it wholemeal tortilla wreak. 5 yrs ago. Dave Chambers, 6'3" tall, 365 before RNY, 185 low, 200 currently. from Boston University and J.D. May 2, 2012, 4:25 PM • 3 min read. I don't like the smell of cooking … The smell of some fish bothers me as well. Yuck. The post which stated Jack in the Box tacos are soy is wrong. Cured pork like bacon isn't too bad but I can usually still smell/taste it so I avoid. They refuse to visit me anymore because they can't stand the smell of bacon." Another type of bacteria, however, called pathogenic bacteria, does not cause discernible changes to the meat, but can cause illness. It hasn't always been that way for me either, just started approx. I have an intolerance to eggs, and this is the exact way I feel a good while after I eat them. I forgot how much everything smells more and the thought of eating anything right now apart from my maple pastry is killing me lol I am not going to moan tho as I know its a really good sign, i am 10+3. Low blood sugar causes nausea, for example. How Long Does It Take for Pork to Spoil When Not Refrigerated? Hi everyone, Has anyone had a problem with the smell of some foods. i'm definitely not pregnant! Pre=-diagnosis and post diagnosis of celiac disease, I have been unable to tolerate the smell of bacon,eggs cooking, greasy foods like fried foods, anything fast food, red meat and pork, chocolate. I mean to the point where I had to open the door in 10 degree weather to get the smell out of the house. a. from the University of Hastings College of the Law in San Francisco. Their website states it's beef in the tacos even though it looks like vomit. David. If so, it could be the rare, From schoolgirl report's link: "Both in the 3 patients described by Hilger et al6 and in the 8 patients reported here, fresh meat or dried and smoked pork (i.e., barbecue) were more consistent provocateurs of allergic reactions. I'm really struggling to stay in the kitchen when food is cooking which leads to some very burnt dinners. The other day I looked at various kinds of raw meat for sale at a grocery store. Ty :) Updates: +1 y. Do you get the same effect from eating Jell-O? But, the smell of raw meat is just horrendous. But then he recalls that his father couldn't tolerate it. Sometimes, I like the smell of vanilla when cooking food. Made him sick. It hasn't always been that way for me either, just started approx. She holds a B.A. I haven't noticed feeling ill but haven't eaten fresh pork products in years. The smell of coffee has actually made me sick before. I thought it was well known that pork was less well-tolerated than other meats by many people. My first guess is that your lacking something else in your diet. Yup. It saddens me that people are so uneducated to eat meat, I believe that if they knew exactly how their burger eventually got onto the plate they would not eat it. If that is the case, then there may be a fire risk in addition to the smell. It took me a couple of minutes to realize that I needed to stop in my tracks and find a different place quickly. the smell of food cooking some times just makes me nauseous." What's the question here? I just can't stand to be around it. When you cook pork that has gone bad, the odor will intensify. Keep the pork in its original packaging, or in an airtight container, to prevent contamination and exposure to moisture. Wikipedia. Same with being too near KFC or food frying. If you really can't get them to wait until you're out of the house, trying buying something strongly scented, like mint or lavender essential oil or Vic's vapor rub, and put a few drops under your nose. Keep in mind that raw pork will last up to two days past the date marked on the package if refrigerated constantly; if frozen before this point, it will last indefinitely -- although the texture may change if frozen for longer than six months. I actually can't think of anything that the smell of it cooking bothers me, but I eat the finished product. (Eat less pork?) Right now, the smell of cooking and cooked food make me sick. Anecdotally, I do not eat pork deliberately, and never have. Can You Cook Pork Two Days After Expiration? smell of Pork is making me sick. I like my steaks rare, but now I can't even watch … Now I wish I could remember where I read the article. Another data point: Mr Pod and I both experience digestive discomfort if we eat quickly (but completely) cooked pork, like pork chops. (None AFAIK.) Are you looking for reassurance that this is a "real" condition? I've been vegan a little over 7 years and the smell makes me sick. But then I read a reputable article somewhere about how people can be allergic to a specific kind of protein, and it made sense to me after that. Anyone else having aversions to smells at 5 weeks? // Leaf Group Lifestyle. Another datapoint for pork intolerance. March 24, 2014 9:50 am. She completed Pharmacy Practice Residency training at the University of Pittsburgh/VA Pittsburgh Healthcare System. what could be the cause? Another huge meat smell trigger is THE SMELL OF HAM COOKING. But since you specifically say cured pork like bacon doesn't lead to a reaction, I would investigate improper cooking technique. The smell of the cooked onions literally woke me up and the next thing I found myself racing down the stairs in a rage. There are two categories of bacteria that can live on pork: one that makes meat look and smell bad, and one that makes you sick. This type of spoilage bacteria will probably not make you sick if you cook the pork to an internal temperature of 145 degrees Fahrenheit -- or 160 F for ground pork. We haven't been able to cook at home all week b/c the smell bothers me. Even though you clearly notice smells just inside the door, you don't think about them for long. I just cooked my sons tea and the smell of the oven is doing me in. But I don't like the smell of vanilla on a product. So does the smell of sauerkraut. Take A Closer Look at How Cooking Oil is Manufactured . It causes the pork to smell horrible and taste rotten to me. Membership Levels; Education/Training It causes the pork to smell horrible and taste rotten to me. USDA Food Safety and Inspection Service: Do Spoilage Bacteria Make People Sick? It hasn't always been that way for me either, just started approx. Any thoughts on why all of a sudden this is happening? Joined: Nov 24, 2010 Messages: 181 Likes Received: 0. Your profile doesn't say what country you are in, but if in the US, could it be a sensitivity to ractopamine? Pathogenic bacteria may not bring severe apparent changes but can cause foodborne illnesses. I'm wavering between a psychosomtatic "family tradition," and that family tradition leading to an inability to cook pork properly. The smell of the oil while it cooks makes me so, so sick, enough so that I've actually vomited, yet I enjoy eating it. As for me, some smells really make me happy, like citrus while others make me feel sick. Cured pork like bacon isn't too bad but I can usually still smell/taste it so I avoid. of the smell of food makes me nauseous. Print Remind Me Notify Moderator Interestingly enough, a couple of slices of bacon or breakfast sausage are not a problem. And it's because it always made me feel...not quick nauseated, but just "ick". I know what you mean, me too. ... My hubby has cooked a hamburger and put pork in the crock pot today. Google "pork intolerance" -- it's definitely a thing. There are other odors that I find very offensive. Every morning the smell of bacon comes through and makes me physically sick. A sour or off odor is a major warning flag that pork has spoiled; another indication is a change in color, usually from pink to brown or grey. I'd lean toward weird allergy, don't eat pork. I deliberately don't eat pork, like some others above. Could be you're just allergic. (Seems plausible to me.). "follow up to ? Why does the smell of certain foods cooking make me sick to my stomach? A friend of mine is allergic to pork, and a scattering of other odd things (ginger, bananas, some nuts but not all nuts, not peanuts) and his main reaction is migraine with stomach ache and a little feverish. Last couple of years i notice that 2-4 hours after eating pork, (with the exception of cured pork like bacon) I feel sick: achy, stomach ache, vaguely feverish. Poking around the internet I can't really find a reasonable explanation for this.

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