Some basses, like the Hofner Beatles bass and others, have short scale necks which are, um…shorter. Each bass guitar string produces a bright, balanced tone. Scott. I can’t thank you enough for prolonging my career. When you set up the SWB-1 basses, what strings do you put on? The strings have a looser, slightly “floppy” feel, which impacts the instrument’s feel, attack, sustain, and dynamics. Thanks for advice about not nuclear picking on shorties anyway, I often do it on guitar and long scale bass , hello, , Please send me an email on and I’ll send you my mailing address…, Need flatwound & Brite flats for a Jaguar VM short scale bass.Suggestions please. Website –, Optima Gold-Plated The length, especially the length of the main part of the string vs. the thinner end part. D'Addario EXL170S Regular Light Nickel Wound Short Scale Bass Strings - .045-.100. That’s all I’ve tried so far. They sound very pure in tone and have good tension. All that overtone/out-of-tune stuff you get with the Rotosounds is non-existent with D’Addarios. Simply put – you won’t go far wrong using LaBella on your short-scale bass! Strings are strings - if I like 'em on the long scale bass, I'll like 'em on the short scale, and vice versa. Now both these are from Factory with strings bridge etc, haven’t been to my tech to set them up for me yet. I still need to leave a bass in the UK, but I’m missing my SWB. Hi Scott, thank you that great review. I own 3 Gibson SG basses and have tried many different string configurations, so hopefully this will help you. Despite my limitations I thoroughly enjoyed myself so now she’s gone I have begun a mission to turn my old Musicmaster into a reliable bass that could, in theory, be used to gig. Da gibt es Instrumente mit kurzer Mensur, die sogenannten Shortscale-Bässe. Yesterday I video-reviewed their round-wound Super Steels. Using a pair of normal bass strings on a short scale bass will provide you with a looser feeling to the strings, which will also have an effect on the dynamical range of the instrument, as well as the attack and sustain of the guitar. $59.95 $ 59. . I soooo wanted the bass to work for me, and whilst I loved the feel of the bass, and the Rotosound strings, the ‘out-of-tune’/overtone thing was driving me nuts and I was very close to selling the bass on ebay!! Easier to play and deeper in tone, these instruments are more popular than ever before! I like a string with a bit of tension, not too floppy. D'Addario Half Round bass strings are wound with pure nickel, then precision ground, leaving the outer surface smooth and semi-flat while retaining the flexibility of round wound strings. I really can’t recommend these strings enough however if you use a lot of force in your playing and don’t want to adjust, you might be better with LaBella or D’Addario. ... .045-.130 Regular Light Gauge 5-string Bass Guitar Strings, Nickel Wound over Steel Core. If you happen to tune a short scale bass guitar with a pair of normal bass strings, the strings will have a lower tension than if you were to place the same strings on a regular bass guitar. Hello! 085 . Rotosound RB45-5 Roto 5-String Bass Strings 45-130. The Ernie Ball Music Man passive humbucking pickup, equipped with higher output neodymium magnets, has been specially designed for the short scale bass, providing its signature warm tone. While the 34″ scale is now considered the standard, it wasn’t always so. What would happen if I put long regular scale strings on her? I’m just about to contact Rotosound in the hope they might consider making a dedicated short-scale set of these. Couldn’t agree with you more about the Rotosounds. This guitar is reportedly developed as a special edition, just for Guitar Central. What a difference. D’Addario’s round-wounds are the most consistent and pro-sounding short scale roundwounds on the planet imho! Pyramid share. short scale bass strings Home; Cameras; Sports; Accessories; Contact Us short short scale. SETS - SHORT SCALE BALANCED NICKELS. Few basses are as distinctive and iconic … Thanks Scott, very useful site for newcomers in the world of shorties as I am I appreciate! Our Short Scale strings have a winding length (distance from the outside of the ball to the silk/taper) of 32.75" long. The length, especially the length of the main part of the string vs. the thinner end part. I have recently discovered your YouTube channel and am gradually working through the videos……all good so far! Not much is known about it, though we did have the privilege of being able to hear it being played live. I've been playing regular sized bass for about 4 months, prior to that about once every few months. Roundwound pure nickel / One set from 44-106 ...Read more. Some strings are brighter and deliver a punchier tone that is ideal for rock, country, pop, and more. The problem was that the nut was to high. I checked the intonation and it was very slightly out, but not enough to produce such a bad sound. The name does go about frequently in the guitar circles too. I love the fender growl, and I can get that from these Basses, but I find the tone/sound across all the strings a bit variable, can get punchy low, and nice treble, but the whole bass can sound a little inconsistent. But now the tables have turned and I am completely hooked. They need to be full diameter all the way to the nut, and then shrink during the part up to the post so that they wind reasonably. The range of dedicated short scale bass strings available is relatively limited, although there are thankfully still enough to suit all of us! I’m working with a local supplier to have stock of them very soon. Any recommendations on the best flats to go on a Gretsch Junior Jet? I’d go with GHS Precision Flats, personally. Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. $29.95. Fits short scale basses with a string scale length of up to 32 inches and a good choice for players looking to down tune. Slightly less zingy because they aren’t stainless steel, but a lovely tone and no deadness. Your Short-Scale Bass, Loud and Clear Short in scale with long-lasting sound, these nickel strings deliver the fat, round tone characteristic of our classic short-scale basses. I agree with Scott says here – especially regarding the SS Roto’s – but I do use their long-scale 88’s on my Fender P and love them. I tried contacting Brian about a year ago. (32) 32 product ratings - GHS 3050 Precision Flats Stainless Steel Flatwound Bass Strings Regular 55-105. hide. I’ve also tried their piccolo bass strings on my short scales which are fabulous. Also is shipping affordable? resultantly my longscale gets played & my short scale doesn’t. Electric, acoustic, upright, and otherwise. GHS LaBella short scale strings are fabulous! Each bass guitar string produces a bright, balanced tone. Email. Traditionally short scale basses were equipped with the same string sets as long-scale basses but on a short scale bass, the strings are under less tension because they are shorter. Most of these bass sets are regular long scale, however Pyramid’s “Gold” flatwound sets are available in short and long scale. For the SG’s I’ve found the Labella Deep Talkin’ 760FHBB (Beatle Bass) to be the best choice if flatwound is your preference. I believe the scale length to be 30.5 on the Rivoli. Now it’s my primary bass (for now, miss the feeling of a plank of wood in my hand) so gotta show her some love. 95. The new strings were the same gauge as the stock strings. If for example you normally play light gauge acoustic guitar strings e.g. Another string manufacturer to try could be Newtone as I hear they they can make specific lengths and gauges, British to! Bass strings on a short-scale are under less tension that on a long scale so if you’re used to using say 40-95 on a long scale, you may need to go up a gauge to 45-100 to get the tension back to where you like it. Chords sound great, the string are supple and very nice to play. Both sets that turned up ended up too short for my SWB 1 so I presume they have sent me old stock. When I practice / play on the short scale, it's rough transitioning back. 23 sold. It is possible to use long scale strings on many short scale basses – more on this later…). It sounded as if two notes were being played at once, with one being slightly out-of-tune even with just single notes played. more. $21.99 MORE ON THE WAY. I use them on three short scale basses. Electronics $7.98 $ 7. Being into flashy-looking stuff I really hoped they’d sound amazing! La Bella’s Low Tension Flats are the best-selling light tension flat wound string on the market. I’ve only personally tried Thomastik JF324 Jazz-flats.,, Having not brought a set of bass strings for 15 years and not brought any short scale ones for well over 25 years the choice and the range in price has been a little overwhelming. Scott, I jumped on here based on seeing your link on another forum. I’m out in Greece halfway up a mountain so internet shopping is my only choice which doesn’t help. It is a short scale bass and wondered if anyone could recommend some short scale strings that they have found to be good quality and great sounding. OK – I’ve never tried Pyramid strings, but it’s worth mentioning that guys like Paul McCartney used them which must say something!!! On one hand you have musicians who swear by short scale basses. By that I mean the treble strings are not intended to be any more trebly than the bass strings are bassy, or the middle strings are middly. I bought a whole selection but the first ones that arrived were a medium scale Rotosound swing bass set. Each bass guitar string produces a bright, balanced tone. They also tend to rise in pitch considerably just after being plucked/slapped, which adds to this out of tune vibe. D'Addario XL Nickel Electric Short-scale Bass strings are precision-wound on D'Addario's exclusive computer-controlled machines. They’re extremely enthusiastic and passionate  about what they do, and they seem to genuinely care about their customers and were so helpful answering any all my questions. Thanks. Regular Slinky Nickel Wound Short Scale Bass Strings - 45-105 Gauge Ernie Ball Nickel Wound Short Scale Electric Bass Strings are made from nickel plated steel wrapped around a hex shaped steel core wire. i prefer flatwound, but roundwound will do if it’s what you recommend.

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