back to measurements High-bass, responsible for warmth, is within 0.3dB of our neutral target. It is not easy to find a good closed headphone. Below the difference between the pleather pads and the velour pads. Clamping force: medium/high The DT-1770 Pro acquits itself quite well in comparison to headphones that are significantly more expensive and bests everything I have heard at its price point. For commutes and office use, the DT 1770 won’t leak as much as the DT 1990 by design. Pads: replaceable, velours pads are fitted, pleather (fake leather) in the box. Even the slightest change in position will change the measurements making it impossible to compare the cables accurately. Demo units courtesy of: Frequency Response measurements and graphs for In-Ear Monitors (IEMs) and earphones. They have a good sound reproduction that is detailed and powerful. The DT 770 pads (with the passive treble filter) sounds better to me (closer to the DT1990) than the original pleather pads. One straight 3m with gold plated 3.5 mm TRS plug + screw-on 6.3 mm adapter and a 5m (when fully stretched) coiled cable is supplied. Below the effect of a seal breach is shown using the DT1770 velour pads. A slightly different ‘coarseness’ is heard using the pleather pads. Treble is ‘coarser’ as in less refined. Their size and breathability won’t be ideal for sports, and they're not made for that use case. Otherwise overall slightly better than original velour pads. They won’t leak too much if you don’t blast your music and they should be comfortable enough for long listening sessions, with small breaks here and there. The mids themselves are good but slight warm/laid-back and could do with a hint more clarity/presence. Enjoy music through headphones on a low budget, Subjectivist, Objectivist or Inbetweenivist ? distortion in the lows and an (audible) level between 4kHz and 6kHz. Just above the swivel point of the yoke there is a small port in each cup on the rear side. This also indicates they aren’t intended for portable usage but is clearly aimed at studio and desktop usage. This is a bit cleaner above 5kHz. The clean highs are balanced with full-bodied, deep bass. There is absolutely no difference between these cables as the purple trace of the original cable is fully overlaid with the teal trace. Getting rid of the treble peak with DT 770 pads. The amplitude is color coded and both the time scale and frequency scale differ as well. The more low-profile design of the Audio-Technica might be better for outdoor use. There is good bass extension as the 40Hz signal (the horizontal part) does not droop. I bought this DT1770 second hand. Cable entry: single sided (left) The transition between mids and treble is more seemless. Another gripe I have is the cable that runs from the headband to the cup has a tendency to touch the head. The 440Hz signal using the DT 770 pads looks like a square-wave. Sensitive to glasses. I would say just below the DT1990 and for a closed headphone a very good sound. I believe it will give a big improvement. The original velour pads sound good in the lows (better than pleather). They are a better pick than the open-back DT 1990 PRO but won’t beat out ANC wireless headphones. The sound is very forward and ‘open’. The pads are quite comfortable and provide a good seal. Please keep the manual. There is a somewhat more ‘presence’ in voices and instruments but this does not make up for the ‘closed’ sound one gets in return. Both sound signatures of these headphones are very similar, and their design is basically the same. These closed-back headphones do not have active noise cancellation and therefore do not isolate in the bass range. © 2021 9298-5266 Quebec Inc. All Rights Reserved. Sleek design. Below the spectrum plot of the DT1770 fitted with velour pads, Below the spectrum plot of the DT1770 fitted with pleather pads. The plot above is in a dB scale, below the same measurement but in a percentage scale. They have big circular ear cups with a thick metal frame which gives it a sturdy look but are low-profile enough to wear outside. Fortunately this is so for both channels so has no audible consequences. Please take some time to read carefully through this manual before using the product. so that you can compare the results easily. To compensate for this the amplifier is cranked up to the same level (at 1kHz) as the low impedance amplifier. Bass delivery varies significantly across users. Durability of the plastic parts of the DT770 are also excellent though. The sheep supplying its skin did not do this more nothing it seems. Soundizer. Isolation is somewhat better with these pads. Also in the box is two sets of velour earpads, bot… 2nd harmonic and above all 3rd harmonic distortion levels are higher than those of the open DT1990 version. When you can not make this filter yourself or don’t know someone that can do this for you a built filter can be ordered. The step response (Left and Right channel overlaid) below shows a well extended bass response. While both headphones reproduce audio rather inconsistently across different users, the more stable fit of the DT 1770 helps them sound slightly more consistent. Mids are lacking in ultimate clarity a bit but in a different way from the pleather pads. The treble peak (and small dip at 4.5kHz) are the same. Below the DT1170 and DT 770 pads fitted on the removable mounting ring. It requires buying extra pads and a filter. Best response is obtained with the DT 770 pads with the passive filter, closely followed by the original velour pads. The sound performance is so great. Those looking for a good closed headphone should at least consider this headphone. The build quality is very high. Mid-bass responsible for the body of bass guitars and the punch of kick drums is also well-balanced and within 1dB of our target. We purchase our own headphones and LFE (low-frequency extension) is at 10Hz, which is excellent. They have a very similar style with black velvet-like fabric instead of a grey one and also come with leather pads if you prefer that style and comfort. S.P.L. However, the overall level of the leakage is not very loud. The DT 1770 PRO are simple wired headphones. Below 3 Beyer-pads in a row. They also don’t have cups that can swivel to lay flat. home, published: Jul-16-2017, updated: Feb-24-2020. Using the pleather pads: Bass is a bit more prominent with these pads and of lesser tonal accuracy. This is because of the high magnetic strenght of the magnets used in the drivers. The 5dB reduction is quite audible and removes the sharpness. So balanced amplifiers can not be used. Below the spectrum plot of the DT 1770 fitted with DT 770 pads (with filter). Thanks to the wide-range frequency response, it was expansive offer clear and crisp sound, nothing was missing. Below the velour pads versus DT 770 Pads with the passive filter.This shows equal impulse response as the original velour but with less wiggles. Weight: 388 g. However, they are way more expensive, and the Shure are very comfortable headphones that offer great value for their price tag. Both original cables have 3.5mm plugs with screw-on 6.3mm adapters so can be used but the long cables, especially the curled one, are very impractical for my use case. To test this the headphone is measured via a low impedance amplifier (0.2Ω) and a high impedance amplifier (120Ω). Sub-par for gaming. Not that much different from the DT1770 velour pads except for 3rd harmonics around 50Hz which reaches almost 5%. The DT1770 also is a bit less ‘present’ in clarity but still has enough clarity left. They might not feel as comfortable as the Focal because of their tighter fit, but they have great audio reproduction to reproduce tracks accurately. They look and feel premium, but their sound quality isn’t very different than the lower-end DT 770, and the DT 1770 are significantly more expensive, and the investment might not be worth it. Beyerdynamic DT 1990 Pro 250 Ohm - Analytical Pads. The “flatter tops” (in blue) of the DT 770 square wave response indicates flatter low frequency response than the M50 or Denon. They are all plastic, but if you’re looking for budget critical listening headphones, the Shure are a great pick for sound quality. Accessories: hard storage box, 6.3mm adapter, velour and pleather pads, 2 cables. It is strange though. They are more versatile than similar open-back models like the DT 1990 PRO and DT 990 PRO because they will isolate more noise and leak less. Below original pads DT1770 with 3m original straight cable versus a short braided silver cable. When a product is discontinued or no longer popular, we sell the purchased products locally in Montreal, Canada. Below the schematic for this filter (same as for DT1990). Above 2kHz 2nd harm. The DT 1770 have a better range of motion in the ear cups which helps them fit more securely than the Amiron. Below-average for commuting. Som de første professionelle hovedtelefoner med Tesla 2.0-teknologi, har den allerede sat sit præg i Beyerdynamic historie. The slight difference around 50Hz is mains hum seeping in the measurement, ignore this. DT 1770 PRO Sound Impressions Summary. So for me the filter is obligatory. On the other hand, the padding of the Beyerdynamic headphones is softer and feels more comfortable, but they are tighter on the head than the Audio-Technica. For good headphones with a dock, check out the SteelSeries Arctis 7. They reproduce the entire frequency range with incredible precision, and even reproduce low frequencies in … The DT 1770 Pro walks the fine line between pure flat response and slight boosting in certain frequency ranges to allow for clarity, richness, and depth. Below the CSD of the DT 1770 with velour pads (Left and Right are superimposed), Below the CSD of the DT 1770 with pleather pads, Below the CSD of the DT 1770 with Dekoni Sheepskin pads, Below the CSD of the DT1770 with DT 770 pads using the passive filter It is more in ‘technicalities’ and ‘details’ where the sound is a bit off. The pleather pads are also comfortable and provide a bit better isolation from outside noises. Both sound signatures of these headphones are very similar, and their design is basically the same. They also have a cable that might get in your way during running or exercising at the gym, and do not provide any controls. Bass is a bit ‘disjoint’ from the mids as in not seamlessly integrated as with the DT1990. Max current: 30mA There is no charging dock or base for these headphones. In the treble range, occupied by sharp sounds like S and Ts and air conditioning systems, they reduce outside noise by 32dB, which is good. We buy our own products to test. These pads do not make this headphone sound hollow-ish as the pleather pads do and bass is better defined. This makes them a bit more difficult to fit. The wide and deep dip followed by a peak at 8kHz also makes the treble less ‘smooth’ and detailed. distortion levels reach 0.5% which is a bit on the high side for this price class. This headphone is not intended for portable usage as the impedance is a bit too high to be driven from phones/tablets and small DAP’s. Even if they are tight and fairly stable on the head, they won’t be ideal for sports because of their bulky design. The pleather pads have a bit higher 2nd harm. However, they are bulky, and the provided case is quite big, meaning they won’t be very portable. NO SMOOTHING is applied to the shown plots. Below the 40Hz and 440Hz square-wave response as well as a 100μs DC impulse. The Beyerdynamic DT 1770 PRO do not have a microphone so the noise handling has not been tested. Not as neutral as the DT1990 but there certainly is a relation between the 2 models. Below a plot showing the change in the bass response when that port is (partially) sealed with a small sticker or tape. It has a closed design with a high ambient noise attenuation, and an enormous maximum sound pressure level. They use a 1/8” connector so they don't have microphone support, but do do but come with a 1/4" adapter as well. The sound quality is about the same, but the Audio-Technica have less sound consistency issues than the Beyerdynamic. Thank you for the review. Beyerdynamic DT 1770 Pro 250 Ohm - Velour Pads frequency response. All components are replaceable, ensuring a long lifetime for the headphone. The Beyerdynamic DT 1770 Pro have a great bass. put them under the same test bench, Treble extension is decent. Treble is detailed yet ‘smooth’ and a bit more ‘airy’ and refined.| Weighted group delay is at 0.34, which is good. Beyer has plotted a very interesting frequency response into the DT 1770 PRO. Bass is still separated from the mids but is ‘flabbier’ with a bit more ‘thumb’. Bass is perhaps slightly less in quality than the original velour pads. The Beyerdynamic also come with additional ear cups and come with a longer, coiled audio cable. The Beyerdynamic DT 1770 PRO are wired headphones that don't support Bluetooth. Most measurement sites have some smoothing applied which ‘irons flat’ sharp peaks and ‘wiggles’. On the left pleather DT1770, middle is DT1770 velour and on the right the DT 770 pad. We measured the DT 1770 with the velvet pads. When an open headphone is no option the DT1770 is an excellent alternative. Below the differences in the waterfall response between 0.2Ω and 120Ω. Definitely a step above the cheaper DT 770. Bass in the DT 770 is always a bit ‘one-note’ to me and overblown. The Beyerdynamic DT 1770 PRO are basically the closed-back version of the DT 1990 PRO and a more high-end pair of headphones than the DT 770. Below the frequency responses of the DT 1770, DT 1990 (B pads) and Amiron. The Beyerdynamic DT 1770 PRO are better headphones than the Focal Elegia. This is easier to listen to for longer periods. The Dekoni has a dip at around 6kHz and a peak at 10kHz. This would allow the DT1770 to be used on balanced amplifiers as well. Good price for the quality. back to Beyerdynamic The mids are vivid and dynamic and sound quite ‘open’. Usage: Home, studio The subtle 2dB tilt favoring lowering frequencies won't be audible to most people. It is a good thing to have some choice in choosing pads without too much differences in sound signature. As this is a dynamic headphone the frequency response might be amplifier output resistance dependent when certain higher output resistance amplifiers are used. This tool will clearly show you the differences, Use our data and table to find the best headphones for your needs, Want to see us review a specific headphones? The DT 1770 PRO features a modern design with a discrete elegance for all components including end pieces, yokes, ear cups and headband. The DT1770 does not have the same amount of ‘air’ and ‘finer nuances’ the DT1990 has. Port open, port covered 50%, port covered 75%, Completely sealing the port removes all bass. Mid-treble, although a little overemphasized, is also even and well-balanced and doesn't measure as sharp on S and T sounds (sibilant) as the other headphones in the Beyerdynamic lineup. Additionally, the L/R drivers of our test unit were exceptionally well-matched in frequency, amplitude, and phase response, ensuring accurate placement and localization of objects (voices, instruments, video game effects) in the stereo field. The upper 3 screen-shots are made using DT 770 pads, the bottom 3 using the same pads but with the passive filter.The most obvious thing in this plot is the fact that the phase is opposite from that of the DT1990 (as well as almost all other headphones). The Beyerdynamic DT 1770 PRO are bulky headphones that are not very portable, and they don’t isolate a lot of noise. The mids are clear but lack the ultimate clarity and detail as found in the DT1990. See our recommendations for the best audiophile headphones, the best closed-back headphones, and the best headphones for studio use. I am not too clear about if you like them or not, perhaps it is just my interpretation. If you are looking for a pair of headphones for travel, the office, or personal listening you really should audition Beyerdynamic’s exceptional new offering the DT-1770 Pro. Build quality is high and the looks are premium as well. This way I could exchange the cable (left cup) without moving the headphone too much. A 3-mete… Bass is voluminous but very tight and deep. Cable: 3m with gold plated 3.5 mm TRS plug and 6.3 mm adapter When looking around it can be found for prices between € 400.- and € 600.-. Comfort improves using the Dekoni Sheepskin pads. The small ‘dip’ at 200Hz slightly ‘dis-attaches’ the bass from the mids. A little less ‘tight’ in the bass. They are quite comfortable but might be too tight for some right out of the box. With an MSRP of around € 600.- it isn’t one of the cheapest headphones around. The DT 1770 has a similar tonal character as the DT 770 which is a much cheaper plastic version with a ‘lesser’ driver. Below the distortion measurements of the DT 1770 with DT 770 pads (Left channel). Seal can be an issue with closed-back headphones and is usually less of a problem for open headphones. The bigger the deviation the stronger the effect. Below the difference between the velour and DT 770 pleather pads (without passive filter).The clearer response is shown but also the overshoot opposite the area between 0.25ms and 1.5ms. The expensive Beyerdynamic Dt 1770 Pro is a wonderful headphone pair for musicians and engineers seeking an accurate frequency response in critical … The Beyerdynamic also come with additional ear cups and come with a longer, coiled audio cable. There is some difference in the lows. Despite its high impedance the efficiency is still quite good. There is not a notch present in the 10KHz region either. Mediocre for office use. This helps in studio or live use in all situations in which the … The forward and backward swivel is limited but enough for a good fit. Lacking some body in voices (not in overall sound). The treble is the typical ‘Beyer treble’ which means ‘overly detailed/sharpish’ but better in quality than the much cheaper DT 770. The GD graph also shows that the group delay response is almost entirely below the audibility threshold. DT1770 velour, DT1990-B, DT1990-A and Dekoni Elite VelourIt is obvious that DT1990 pads do not work on this headphone as the bass and body simply is not present at all. Like most Beyerdynamic headphones, the DT 1770 PRO are not very portable. Below the difference between the velour and Pleather pads. On a higher output resistance amplifier the output level will be 3.1dB lower. The Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro basically look like a closed version of the DT 990 Pro. Below the difference between the Dekoni Sheepskin and Pleather pads. As with the DT 770 PRO model, the DT 1770 PRO headphones are also handcrafted in Germany. The Beyerdynamic 1770 PRO are simple wired headphones that do not have any controls on the ear cups or an in-line remote. For balder folks this is clearly felt. The best way to get rid of the treble peak is to use a passive in-line filter. You will need to use a bag or the provided hard case to bring them on-the-go with you.

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