Messaging. . Turn on the switch beneath Show People Insights 3. Easy-join Webex Personal Meeting Rooms Use of the Admin Sandbox requires that you understand and agree to the following: To request access to the administrator sandbox, send an email from the email address used on your existing Webex account to, requesting Admin Sandbox access, and including the email address you would like to have enabled for sandbox access. You can only have one Cisco Webex Room Phone in a single space. . For more details on this refer to the Deployment Guide for Cisco Directory Connector - specifically, I'd call your attention to the 'Convert Free Cisco Webex Teams Users in a Directory Synchronized Organization' section of the Manage Synchronized User Accounts in Control Hub chapter available here: Admin Feature Migration Tracker – Control Hub. . . Access to read hybrid clusters for your organization, Access to read hybrid connectors for your organization. This role is … . Read or List BroadWorks Subscribers, provisioned as part of Webex for BroadWorks Solution. %%EOF Cisco’s new control hub makes life easier for the IT admin by giving them unlimited access to rich insights and overviews within the Webex Control Hub. . This means an alias for your work email address will probably not work, as your company has likely claimed your entire email domain for their Organization. . endstream endobj 66 0 obj <. The Calling Admin Portal allows you to configure and modify calling features and services. 1. . This toolkit provides you, as an administrator, a quick start to configure the best Webex experience for you and your users. . Cisco Webex Control Hub Essentials The Control Hub Essentials Ebook is your complete guide to efficient administration and designing user experience for long term success. Use of these APIs requires you to be an administrator of an organization. Control Hub is the administration portal for all of the Webex Platform, it covers Calling, Meetings, Teams and Webex Rooms! . Choose Cisco Webex Room Device, and click Next. 100 0 obj <>stream Contact Us. The 10x Better Experience for IT series focuses on enhanced data capabilities that empower IT administrators to manage more effectively. Using a personal email address or a web email service is recommended. 90 0 obj <>/Filter/FlateDecode/ID[<168BF95262ECCD45BA94CC5BA851044C><94C01B0C361AD449AFFC08ED65FF8ECD>]/Index[65 36]/Info 64 0 R/Length 117/Prev 219901/Root 66 0 R/Size 101/Type/XRef/W[1 3 1]>>stream Using Webex Control Hub, administrators are able to configure and troubleshoot devices remotely. For more information about Webex Control Hub, please see this data sheet. You will need to follow the instructions in that email to complete your activation. . When you get started with your organization in Control Hub, we recommend adding users to join Webex Meetings and Webex Teams by entering their email addresses. When it comes to device management, Control Hub is the single pane of glass for all cloud deployments and recently with our new Webex Edge for Devices it can handle some of the On Premises workload as well. In this video I show a high level look and demo at Cisco Webex Control Hub. The new configuration management feature, disabled by default, will allow write-access to many device configurations. Play nice. Cisco Control Hub Quick Start Guide Use Webex Control Hub to manage your users, services, and devices. To use the Admin APIs or the interactive Webex for Developers documentation as an admin, you will need to sign into the Webex for Developers web site with the new administrator account using your alternate email address. Users make and receive calls when paired with the Cisco Webex app or directly using SIP. . If this is your first customer order, then add information such as Admin Email Address and Company Name to create your Cisco Webex partner organization, and then click Next. You can add new users to your Webex Meetings site in Control Hub. Use this configuration guide to set up your Edge Audio solution. . Pro Pack also provides access to 7 days of Webex Teams reports. . This guide reviews the steps an administrator can take to assign and configure the Receptionist client within Control Hub. . PagerDuty. . See details for any device in your organization, Create, update and delete devices and device configurations in your organization, Access to read licenses available in your user's organizations, Access to read your user's company directory, Access to write to your user's company directory, See details for any places and place service in your organization, Create, update and delete any place and place service in your organization, Access to read your organization's resource group memberships, Access to update your organization's resource group memberships, Access to read your organization's resource groups, Access to read roles available in your user's organization. Cisco Webex Control Hub Essentials The Control Hub Essentials Ebook is your complete guide to efficient administration and designing user experience for long term success. Pro Pack for Cisco Webex Control Hub gives you more access to diagnostic and quality data. Authorization for a bot or user is given for a Workspace, not a Device. %PDF-1.6 %âãÏÓ When your account is created for the Admin Sandbox, you will receive an email inviting you to administer the organization. Provision, Update or Remove a BroadWorks Subscriber as part of Webex for BroadWorks Solution. . To create an Integration that will act on behalf of an administrator, include one or more of the following scopes when requesting an auth token via OAuth: If you would like to develop against the Admin APIs but you are not an administrator of your Webex Organization, you can apply for administrator rights to our Sandbox Organization. Using these APIs, an admin can, for example: If your organization uses the Cisco Directory Connector to synchronize Webex user accounts with Active Directory accounts, then you cannot create or delete Webex users via the People API. Cisco Webex® Control Hub is a web-based, intuitive, single-pane-of-glass management portal that enables you to provision, administer, and manage Cisco Webex services. This new Webex account will be an administrator of the Admin Sandbox Organization. Step 6: Choose your call service: Free Calling —Select this option for Unified CM Calling with Control Hub. Turn on the switch beneath Show People Insights 3. Regardless if you have direct network access to the device, here are 3 tools to help configure … The email address you use for the Sandbox account cannot have been previously used for a Webex account and cannot be associated with a domain that has been claimed by an existing Webex organization. Within Webex Control Hub, you can associate administrative users with a specific role to ensure that the data within Webex remains in compliance with the legal standards in effect for an organization. You'll need to generate authentication tokens as this administrator account, rather than from your normal account. Cisco Webex Control Hub Essentials Your complete guide to efficient administration and designing user experience for long-term success. Webex® Control Hub also provides the ability to manage Webex Hybrid Services, such as Hybrid Call Service, Hybrid Calendar Service, Hybrid Directory Service, and Hybrid Media Service. . Enable Voicemail. Manage Webex users, licenses, and hybrid services programmatically with the Webex Admin APIs. Cisco Webex Control Hub has been extended to allow more control over devices that are registered on premises and linked to Webex Edge for Devices. You will need access to Webex Site Administration or Control Hub, Cisco Unified Communications Manager, and Expressway-E configuration. envite. You'll find a powerful Diagnostics section as well where you can drill down even further into specific meetings that are in progress or that have occurred within the past 30 days. The voicemail settings and features allow users to retrieve voice messages by email or text. For more information about features that are migrating to Control Hub, click here. See All. Sign in to Webex Site Administration and go to Configuration > Common Site Settings > Options 4. Read or List BroadWorks Enterprise, provisioned as part of Webex for BroadWorks Solution. iv Allowing users to choose an alternate host . D15362.16 DX70 and DX80 Administrator Guide CE9.13, JUNE 2020. — Copyright © 2020 Cisco Systems, Inc. All rights reserved. Now it is possible to configure RoomOS and Webex Share devices from Webex Control Hub through the new Advanced Configurations. Search More results... Generic filters. Click the ‘Activate’ link to access Control Hub… Using these APIs, an admin … By automating administration, user management and provisioning can be performed from an existing tool, rather than using the Webex Control Hub. Then, enable People Insights in Control Hub. This means you will have the ability to remove other users, claim domains, and other functions a Webex organization admin has the ability to do. Enable People Insights in Control Hub and Site Administration. If you already have a partner account on Control Hub, then review your organization information and then click Next. Hidden label ... Quick Start Guide; Cisco Webex; Cisco Webex Room 55 ; User Guide; ... New! Meetings. hÞbbd```b``:"§€ÉZÉb"™§‚Iy0)w³?€II0é &¿€Hs{°i¿@d|Ø4 ©ÿ ,~D Webex Control Hub delivers a centralized, single pane of glass supporting all collaboration solutions with a unified admin experience and improves productivity and efficiency through smarter and simpler workflows. by Cisco Systems. Stay in sync and resolve incidents from anywhere. . Your normal account will not have any access to the administrative APIs or the Admin Sandbox. Register for live online classes or watch recorded sessions on topics like … . Your toolkit for long term success with Cisco Webex Control Hub. . Administrators can enable and configure voicemail settings and notifications for users within Control Hub. ``º ¬h ä¦ã? by Cisco Systems. Your system administrator sets up device authorizations through the Cisco Webex Control Hub ( Sign in to Webex Site Administration and go to Configuration > Common Site Settings > Options 4. From Control Hub, go to the Users tab. If you are not an administrator of an organization, but wish to develop against these APIs, see below for instructions on how to get administrator access to an Administration Sandbox organization. 8:50 AM (EST): It’s the start of a typical workday, and you’ve been notified that users are having trouble joining meetings and experiencing poor video quality. See this article for detailed information about the types of events you can retrieve. For more information about Reports, see the Admin API guide. If you are an administrator, log into this site to get a development auth token with the necessary scopes. You will need a separate email address from the one you currently use for Webex. The Calling Admin Portal can be accessed through Control Hub, which serves as the primary administrative experience for all bundled services, such as Calling, Webex, and Webex Meetings.The Calling Admin Portal allows you to configure and modify calling features and services.

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