CHINA OVERSEAS SECURITY GROUP (HONG KONG) PTY LIMITED (hereinafter referred as to “COSG”) was incorporated in Hong Kong in 2015 and is headquartered in Beijing. As the further forward of Belt and Road Initiative (hereinafter referred as to “BRI”), COSG closely follows on the national decision deployment about strengthening the security work construction of BRI and actively promotes overseas layout; in line with the tenet of “Escorting for Overseas Projects”, we are determined to provide Chinese citizens and enterprises the integrated security solutions and services of internationally advanced standard. In 2017, COSG was included in the first batch of Recommended List of China’s Overseas Security Services by the national Ministry of Public Security.

According to the company’s development strategy, the company has established various overseas daughter companies & branches and set up a domestic group headquarter in Beijing – Zhongjie Security Group Co., Ltd., which is fully responsible for the guidance and supervision of the company’s overseas work. At present, we have established daughter companies & branches in Pakistan, Turkey, Cambodia, Mozambique, South Africa, Thailand, Malaysia and Argentina, and have fully carried out various businesses. We have obtained the security qualification of some national and regional authorities according to the laws and regulations of the host country. In addition, we have conducted field visits to the countries and regions including Zambia, Djibouti, Ethiopia, Iraq, Jordan, Sri Lanka, Laos, Indonesia, Somalia and prepare for the establishment of branches. We plan to set up daughter companies & branches in 50 countries and regions as well as establish regional headquarters by 2025, and gradually expand our business to the whole world.

COSG’s main business includes security consulting services, risk assessment services, integrated security solution, security training services, facilities security, close protection and VIP escort, Intelligent Physical and Technical Protection, allocation of security assets, HSE consultancy, conflict zones business consultancy, corporate social responsibility, etc.

Since April 2016 firstly came into Turkey, COSG provided transformation of physical and technical defense facilities for the Chinese Embassy in Turkey and the Economic and Commercial Counselor’s Office of the Chinese Embassy in Turkey; provided security services for the Economic and Commercial Counselor’s Office of the Chinese Embassy; provided Public Security Risk Assessment Services for more than 40 projects of a number of Chinese companies in Turkey which are preparing to bid in Turkey; provided security training service for the members of Turkish Chinese Enterprise Association in Istanbul; provided temporary security services for the Chinese Embassy’s holiday reception activities. COSG has cooperated with the Chinese Embassy in Turkey to provide accompanying escorts for the visit reception of Vice Premier WANG Yang and LIU Yandong in Turkey and been appreciated by the Chinese Embassy in Turkey. COSG also provided security consulting and risk assessment services to some Chinese enterprises in Iraq, Syria, Nigeria and Kenya, and coordinated the provision of bodyguard service to the representatives of Chinese enterprises in Iraq. At present, we are providing security services for the Chinese Embassy in Turkey and the other Chinese factory in Turkey. COSG is dedicated to provide high quality integrated security solutions both domestically and abroad, while at same time we endeavour to fill the current vacuum of lacking internationally operational Chinese security companies, we strive for Chinese security industry to expand far beyond our border and taking a global lead.

Services cases:

COSG provides security services for the Chinese Embassy in Turkey
COSG provided security training service for the members of Turkish Chinese Enterprise Association
COSG provided induction training to security guards for Chinese-funded enterprise
COSG provided security services for entertainment activities at the Chinese Embassy in Turkey

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