China Electric Power Equipment and Technology Co., Ltd. (CET) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of SGCC, and the EPC platform of SGCC to carry out integrated investment – construction – operation of overseas power grids. Its core business is construction of the infrastructure for overseas power grids and the projects for transnational and cross-regional grid interconnection.

CET is committed to the investment, construction and operation of international electrical energy sector,undertaking EPC for power transmission and transformation projects of all series and full voltage level, such as transnational and cross-regional grid interconnection of UHV AC/DC power transmission, VSC-HVDC power transmission, smart grid, power system automation, power distribution network, and providing specialized services for complete equipment supply, grid dispatching, operation and maintenance. CET provides integrated solutions for engineering planning, surveying, design, financing, procurement, construction, operation and technical training.

CET has conducted its business in more than 30 countries and regions involved in “the Belt and Road” Initiative with 25 branches and subsidiaries in Egypt, Mexico, Turkey, Ethiopia, Pakistan, Brazil, Argentina, Philippines, Indonesia, Kenya, Tanzania, Nigeria, Myanmar, Laos, Columbia and Hong Kong of China. Therefore, an international diversified market pattern has been formed, with Asia, Africa and South America Middle East and Europe all covered. EPC projects concerning transnational interconnection and national backbone power grid are carried out in China, Brazil, Ethiopia, Egypt, Pakistan, Turkey, Myanmar, Laos and other countries, with the construction quality and construction standards reaching the highest local level.

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