HT-SAAE is the subsidary of state-owned CASC (China Aerospace Science & Technology Corp.) which is mainly engaged in the research, design, manufacture and launch of space systems as well as strategic and tactical missiles, and also provides international commercial satellite launch service. CASC rates No.336 on Fortune Global 500 list.

Established in 1998 and listed in Shanghai Stock Exchange (Stock Code 600151) in the same year, HT-SAAE is a Bloomberg Tier 1 module producer based in Shanghai. Besides, HT owns whole supply chain in the group company including Silicon Ingot (1.5GW), Silicon Wafer (1GW), Solar Cell (1.3GW), Solar Module (2 GW)  production facilities. Total asset of HT-SAAE is 1.8 Billion USD, revenue is 0.8 Billion USD.

HT-SAAE has production facility in Shanghai (Cell), Lianyungang (Module), Inner Mongolia ( Ingot&Wafer) and Istanbul (Cell & Module). Having 12 subsidiaries related to solar industry, HT-SAAE established companies in Luxemburg, Netherlands, Spain, Italy, India, Hongkong, Australia and Turkey.  As the only oversea production facility of HT-SAAE established in 2016, HT Turkey is the biggest solar module producer and only cell producer with 600MW module and 350MW cell production capacity in Middle-East and Europe.

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