CRRC is the world’s largest supplier of rail transit equipment with the most complete product lines and leading technologies. Its main businesses cover the R&D, design, manufacture, repair, sale, lease and technical services for rolling stock, urban rail transit vehicles, engineering machinery, all types of electrical equipment, electronic equipment and parts, electric products and environmental protection equipment, consulting services, industrial investment and management, asset management, import and export.

Headquartered in Beijing, CRRC Corporation Limited (CRRC) has 46 wholly-owned & majority-owned subsidiaries and over 180,000 employees. CRRC’s Revenues in 2015 is USD 37.8 billion, ranking 266 on the Fortune Global 500 List. CRRC’s R&D investment is EUR1.408 billion, ranking at 96 onto the World Top 2,500 R&D Investors.

CRRC will improve the technology innovation system, and constantly upgrade technology innovation capacity. It has built the world leading rail transit equipment technology platform and manufacturing base. Its high-speed trains, high-power locomotives, railway trucks, urban rail transit vehicles and other typical products, which have fully reached world advanced level, can adapt to various complex geographical environments and meet diverse market needs.

CRRC-MNG was founded in October 2013. It is invested by both CRRC-ZELC which is a key subsidiary of CRRC and MNG Group, with 60% and 40% shares each other. Its main business is manufacturing electric locomotives, urban rail vehicles and other rail products, and providing maintenance service. The company’s target is set to promote the railway related technology in Turkey and provide service to local railway transportation development. CRRC-MNG aims at exporting products and technical services to Europe and the Middle East countries from this Turkish base.

CRRC-MNG is located in ASO OSB Sincan, Ankara. It covers an area of 108,000 square meters with two phases’ construction. The total investment is around 100 million dollars. During the first phase, CRRC-MNG has the ability to produce urban rail vehicles with the capacity of 200 cars per year, and an extra 100 cars of electric locomotives. During the second phase, the ability of maintenance and overhaul is to be maximized, but the timetable is to be determined. At present, the first phase has been accomplished, and the production has started in April 2014 to implement the AMAP project. The company currently has over 200 employees; more than 85% are local Turkish employees. Regarding the designed full capacity, it is believed that more than 400 job opportunities will be created.

Since settled in Ankara, CRRC-MNG Company devoted itself to develop the railway industry technology in Ankara under the support of ZELC, and got big achievement.

The Director and General Manager: Mr. TAN Changqing

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Fax: +90 312 267 14 97