General Chamber of Commerce of Chinese Enterprises in Turkey (ÇİNSİAD), was approved by Ministry of Commerce of People’s Republic of China and founded in Turkey in 2010. ÇİNSİAD is a non-profit, self-governing organization with support from Chinese Embassy and Economic and Commercial Counsellor’s Office and is composed of Chinese enterprises working in Turkey.

Since its founding, ÇİNSİAD members have been involved in various areas of business in Turkey, actively committed to the localization of their own business area and greatly contributing to the local social and economic development. ÇİNSİAD’s 63 members are working in the following areas:

Service Section

  • Commodity export and import (marble, metallic mine and ore, other non-metallic mines and ores, food, medical instrument, etc.)
  • Transportation and logistics solution (air-freight, marine freight, underground railway, light rail, high-speed railway and related areas)
  • Financial services solution (investment and financing services)
  • Tourism (air ticket, hotel and tour guide services)

Telecommunication Technology

  • Terminal hardware service
  • Software service
  • Network operation service

General (Main) Contracting

  • Infrastructure: road, high-speed railway, port, airport, tunnel, hospital, school, urban transportation, etc.
  • Energy (nuclear power plant, petrochemical complex, coal mining and development, natural gas power plant and transportation facilities, thermal power plant, hydropower plant, new energy power generation, etc.

Equipment Fabrication/Manufacturing and local production

  • Heavy machines manufacturing, export and import
  • Solar panel production and assembling
  • Railway equipment manufacturing

ÇİNSİAD members observe local law and customs as well as internationally recognized business rule and working effectively with local governments, public and private companies and residents on win-win basis. The two conferences last year between Turkish and Chinese presidents in Beijing and Antalya provide the highest support for Chinese and Turkish companies with an aim to promoting mutual prosperity.

While focusing on their core business in Turkey, ÇİNSİAD members have highlighted their corporate social responsibilities including:

  • Turkey Marble and Genetec, two CSID members, donated clothing and food in Van Province where was strike by 7.2-Richter earthquake in 2011.
  • ÇİNSİAD donated 10,000 US dollars to the victim families of 2014 SOMA mine disaster which killed about 300 mining workers.
  • ÇİNSİAD donated 20,000 US dollars to TURGEV and formed framework agreement with TURGEV for developing corporate social programs. Individual members are also in talk with TURGEV for their cooperation programs.
  • Every year, Huawei Technology sponsors Galatasaray, a prestigious local football club and also finances the Chinese Language Contest in Orta Dogu Technical University and students’ summer camp and overseas studies trip.
  • Genertec staffs have volunteered in local orphanages on regular basis.
  • China Tianchen Engineering Corporation, or TCC, has donated 4,000 Liras’ stationeries and office supplies to one elementary school in Sultanhani town of Aksaray.
  • ÇİNSİAD has long-term good cooperation relations with the Confucius Institute at the Middle East Technical University and sponsors various cultural exchange programs by the Institute each year.

ÇİNSİAD members give strong support to the technical advancement as well as cultivation of local professionals. Huawei and ZTE, two prominent IT companies, have cultivated thousands of IT engineers while TCC has trained a number of energy engineers and drilling experts. ÇİNSİAD’s localization strategy will definitely serve a strong contribution to Turkey’s 2023 development vision.

Our Board Members