China Machinery Engineering Corporation (CMEC) was established in 1978 as China’s first engineering and trading company, in 2012, CMEC was listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. CMEC is a flagship enterprise under China National Machinery Industry Corporation Ltd (SINOMACH). Its core business is engineering contracting, but as a large international conglomerate, it also extends into trade, investment, R&D and international services. For years, with $3.5 billion in annual sales, CMEC has remained one of China’s top 10 most profitable overseas engineering contractors.

CMEC has reached all five continents with its core business of engineering contracting and complete plant export. So far, we’ve established a business network including more than 150 countries and regions around the world. In the business of engineering and trade, CMEC possess strong competitive advantages in terms of engineering contracting, engineering design, international trade, exhibition and logistics, as well as international bidding.

CMEC’s business in Turkey began in 1984. In the past 35 years, with the start of the hydropower project, along with the rapid development of the Turkish economy, especially in recent years, CMEC has passed an unforgettable time in Turkey. Over the years, CMEC has gradually formed a Turkish project group focusing on thermal power generation in the Turkish market and carrying out other types of projects. So far, CMEC has undertaken 10.5MW, 135MW, 350MW and 600MW supercritical coal-fired power stations in Turkey, with a total of 15 sets. The completed power plant has a total capacity of more than 2500 MW.

The two 600MW supercritical coal-fired generating units built by CMEC in Turkey are the first super-critical thermal power generating units with a single-machine capacity of 600MW, which was first exported to China, built for the first time in Turkey and put into production on schedule. At the end of 2012, the project won the highest award in China’s construction industry – the Luban Award for Overseas Engineering, and won the first prize for outstanding engineering design of the 2012 China Power Industry Outstanding Power Generation Engineering Design Project.

In addition to thermal power projects, CMEC has also completed a number of other types of projects such as coal mine comprehensive mining equipment, Soda Ash collection, Sodium Bicarbonate Production Plant, cement plants, and hydropower stations.

Through unremitting efforts and long-term cooperation, Turkish customers have gradually recognized and accepted China’s design, manufacturing and construction capabilities. The projects undertaken by CMEC have a high completion rate on time, and the operation results have been highly evaluated by the owners.

At present, CMEC has completed more than US$2 billion in contracts in the Turkish market. The Turkish market is the traditional core market of CMEC. CMEC has set up Branch Company in Ankara and a rapid supply system for spare parts to provide more comprehensive protection for the implementation of projects in Turkey. Provide owners with faster and more efficient services.

According to the development strategy for the next five years, CMEC will further increase its investment in the Turkish market and provide customers with more comprehensive, fast and targeted services. Relying on CMEC’s strong financing ability, we will cooperate with banks, insurance and other financial institutions to form a “combination boxing” model of bank-enterprise cooperation, providing owners with competitive project financing solutions, supplemented by optimized low-emission and competitive Technical solutions and project implementation plans. At the same time, CMEC will select suitable owners and projects for investment, shareholding, and equity participation, and seek a broader development platform for CMEC’s business in Turkey.

CMEC is always striving to retain its leading position through its capacities in marketing, business operation, financing, project management, resource management and R&D, all in an international context.

CMEC also brings its sense of corporate social responsibility to the international stage, and persists in promoting social-economic development. We build power generators to light up the night skies, we set up transportation facilities to help people travel, we establish communication facilities to connect people, and our radio and TV stations expand the horizons of people’s lives. Additionally, our scholarships allow knowledge-thirsty students to pursue their dreams, and our donations give hope to those who’ve lost their homes to disasters.

Looking into the future, CMEC will continue to provide efficient services to build even more high quality engineering projects. We are determined to build CMEC into a world leader among engineering contractors and service providers. We sincerely hope that our friends will join hands with us in economic exchanges and trade cooperation, in order to boost the world economy and improve people’s quality of lives. CMEC will continue working for harmony, progress and development throughout the world!


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